Our Story

Designed and owned by Abraham Sahdo, L and L Jewelry is nestled in the heart of New York City. Abraham's journey into the world of fine jewelry is a tale of passion, purpose, and a deep-rooted commitment to craftsmanship.

Abraham's upbringing in a family of jewelers laid the foundation for his love affair with exquisite gems and intricate designs. Despite his familial ties to the jewelry industry, Abraham initially harbored dreams of a career in science, delving into cancer research for five years. However, the allure of translating his precision-oriented mindset, attention to detail, and creative problem-solving skills from the laboratory to the realm of custom fine jewelry proved irresistible.

The transition from cancer research to fine jewelry design may seem unlikely, but Abraham discovered profound parallels between the two domains. Both fields demand relentless dedication, exacting standards, and an unwavering pursuit of perfection. Moreover, Abraham recognized that at their core, both endeavors seek to evoke and celebrate human emotions – be it the quest for a cure born out of compassion or the expression of love immortalized in a piece of jewelry.

For Abraham, fine jewelry represents more than just ornamental adornments; it encapsulates the essence of love and commitment. Inspired by his own journey of partnership and parenthood alongside his wife, Miray, and their daughters, Leah and Laetitia, Abraham infuses each creation with a profound understanding of the power of love.

The genesis of "L and L Jewelry" stems from the amalgamation of Leah and Laetitia's names, symbolizing the union of love and legacy. Every engagement ring and wedding band crafted by L and L Jewelry is imbued with this ethos, extending the warmth and blessings of familial love to each client.

At L and L Jewelry, Abraham and Miray prioritize open communication as the cornerstone of their design process. By listening attentively to their clients' desires, dreams, and aspirations, they translate heartfelt sentiments into timeless treasures. As a poignant tribute to their shared journey and the love they cherish, each ring is stamped with "Lots of Love," a testament to the enduring legacy of Leah and Laetitia.